Leklabb Not Quite

During the spring, Christian has in PinPin been part of a very exiting project called Leklabb (Play Lab) together with Not Quite in Fengersfors in Dalsland, Sweden.

Not Quite is a creative place and a network, where professional artists, craftsmen and designers work and are involved in different projects. You can read more about Not Quite on their website.

Leklabb is a project that aims to combine artists and designers to create site specific play possibilities and social spaces. The project is mainly focused to one specific area at Not Quite, where the end result will be a playful space where everyone is welcome and where everyone can use the space in their own way.
The collective process and the focus on the end users is the most important part of this project, and PinPin has been part of the project group as Child Culture Designers, sharing our knowledge about our method and how we work with children and site specific play. We have together with the rest of the project group had workshops with children in different ages as well as with adult users, to really find out what kind of space people want it to be and what kind of play that can occur there.

We think this is a great project, with a exiting collective process, and look forward to the continuation! We will write more here, and you can also check out Not Quite´s blog here.