Kiruna Winter Playground

Long time no blogging! I have been busy, mostly with work. At the same time as we are running a design studio, I am working as a teacher in Design at HDK in Gothenburg. And time just flies! However, we have been very busy working in PinPin as well.

Last year, we did not do any suite for ICEHOTEL. Did that keep us from going up there anyway? No, of course not. We spent one week in the amazing city of Kiruna, building a winter playground together with a big group of amazing people. You can read about the project in my portfolio, but here I thought I´d focus on the other stuff around the construction.  Northern light, cold beneath 30 degrees celsius, hard work, and great friends. Check out some of these pics!

IMG_2303 IMG_1724 IMG_1872 IMG_1877 IMG_1979 IMG_1986 IMG_2023 IMG_2043 IMG_2102 1 IMG_2113 IMG_2145 1 IMG_2689 IMG_2714