Frozen Wilderness at Sapporo International Snow Sculpture Contest 2013

This year in February we returned to Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, and the annual International Snow Sculpture Contest. Together with Jens Thoms Ivarsson (Director of Design and Strategy) and Arne Bergh (Creative Director) of the ICEHOTEL we created the sculpture ”Frozen Wilderness”. The idea was to highlight the untouched nature of northern Sweden, and present our interpretation to the people of Sapporo. We wanted the keep the original cubic shape of the snow that all artists start from, and present it like a cut-out from the Arctic forest.

We were awarded with fourth prize in the contest, and got the artist choice award! We are very proud, and eager to go back next year again.

For more pictures check out the project page! You can also look at ICEHOTEL´s photo essay on their website.