Young creators for a better city and a better life

Exhibition for the international conference ”Young creators for a better city and a better life” in Shanghai, 2010. What we did here was an exhibition for student projects. Because of logistic reasons we could only exhibit models of student projects. Because of this we decided to make the exhibition area as playful and interactive as possible.

Text from HDK website:


HDK – School of Design and Crafts at University of Gothenburg, Sweden, goes in big for further developing and strengthening their international network: Staff and students participate in the international conference ”Young creators for better city and better life” in Shanghai, 7-10 September.

HDK’s new Master’s Programme, Child Culture Design, will participate in a competition for exhibitions, during the conference in Shanghai.

– The exhibition is about the most important activity in children’s lives: play. Our design students have worked with suggestions for outdoor playgrounds in collaboration with the most spontaneous and inventive people we know: children, says Johnny Friberg, Head of the Programme.

Eleven students with five nationalities and from various design fields have worked together in this project. Theoretical studies, workshops together with children, analysis and concept development has been a part of the project. The target group is children, 0-12 years and their relatives.

– We want to change the meaning of the playground a bit, says Christian Strömqvist, one of the design students. Traditional playgrounds focus mostly on play and movement. We want to create opportunities for both relaxation and activity, for role-play as well as game-play. The equipment of the playground should communicate with each other and support the playground as a meeting place, a social hub for the neighborhood.

– Safety and material trends, like steel, have made playgrounds less interesting for older kids. We want to find solutions that challenge them too, says design student Nianyi Peng, Playground prefab companies need to adjust to new needs: bigger playgrounds that are unique and have place specific equipment.

HDK has four international Master’s Programmes: Business & Design, Child Culture Design, Design – Individual Specialization and Crafts. During the conference in Shanghai several representatives of the school will participate: Ulla Johansson, Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Professorship in Design Management, and Maria Nyström, Professor in Design, will present a joint paper at the conference. Johnny Friberg, Helena Hansson and Carl-Johan Skogh will represent the HDK Design Programmes together with the design students Lina Lagström, Christian Strömqvist, Nyanyi Peng and Karl-Johan Ekeroth.

In the delegation you will also find HDK’s International Coordinator Anki Leissner and the Head of HDK, Eva Engstrand, who will start with participating in a pre-conference in Beijing.

– With this investment we want to further develop and strengthen our international network says Eva Engstrand, Head of HDK – School of Design and Crafts at University of Gothenburg. It is also a part of our ambitions to market our international Master’s Programmes to international applicants. Through personal meetings we want to open up for conversations and give the possibility to ask questions about our Master’s Programmes, HDK and University of Gothenburg.

The conference is held 7-10 September, arranged by the association Cumulus, a network which serves Art and Design education and research. In Shanghai the delegation will have the possibility to make personal contacts with HDK’s new partner school Tongji University – School of Design and Innovation, people and organizations in China and other international members of the Cumulus network.

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