Sound Art City Spaces – Portugal

SBSGSG 1.0 (Sao Bento Sound Ground Symbol Garden) Porto, Portugal 2010
In the main hall of the central railway station Sao Bento in Porto, an installation was placed. The installation was interactive and connected to a camera. The camera registered the movements when people walked by or moved in the front of certain symbols that appeared on a wall. The movements triggered sounds from the computer connected to the camera. The sounds were connected to the environment at the central station, including field recordings and certain modulations. The graphic symbols were inspired by particular details from the central station and redesigned.

Sandra Bühler (Berlin)____________art and media, experimental film
Marius Čivilis (Vilnius)________composition, sound engineering
Nuno Ferriera (Porto)________video, photo
Patricia Fumagali Coutinho (Verona)__________Design
Christian Strömqvist (Göteborg)______ child culture design

About SACS

S.A.C.S. was a 3-year Erasmus Intensive project organized and coordinated by the Conservatorio di Verona. Each year 20 selected students and 10 teachers from eight different European academies/conservatoires/universities meet in one city and engage in an innovative creative experience.

The first event, which took place in May 2009, was selected by the Italian Ministry of Education as an example of “good practice to illustrate the European Year of Creativity and Innovation (2009)”

Read more on the SACS website.

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