Play without borders – Uganda

Strömqvist Design is part of group called Play without borders. In Swedish we are called ”Lekare utan gränser”, which is funnier, but the pun just doesn’t translate well into English. Anyway, what we want to do is build playgrounds around the world where play is not considered as an important activity for children’s well-being.

Our first project will be in the small village of Bubulo, in South-eastern part of Uganda. This specific project has just started and is in collaboration with the amazing organization Kids of Uganda. They have an orphanage and foster home activity in Bubulo, and asked our organization if we couldn’t help them with a playground for the village.

What we want to do is to create a space for the children and for play where we look at the place from the children’s perspective, and build the place with local materials and construction methods. How can you play at this specific place? What is play in Bubulo? How do children play here?

In the middle of August me and Pontus Johansson were in Uganda and Bubulo to investigate, to make research, and to play with the kids there.


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