ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL – A Northbound Adventure!

ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL Stockholm – A Northbound Adventure 2015

Together with Kalle Ekeroth – Photos by Paulina Holmgren

Prepare for a grand experience in this year’s ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL Stockholm – welcome to Northbound Adventure! Trigger your imagination and gain new perspectives as you follow in the footsteps of the fictional character Nils Holgersson on his adventurous journey across Sweden. Make new discoveries and be inspired as you explore the Swedish landscape in a completely new way and in a below zero environment!

In Northbound Adventure you will venture on an exploration towards the Arctic Circle and the fells of Swedish Lapland. Travel through the Swedish provinces and experience their characteristics in an exiting and freezing way. From the cultivated fields in the south, through the urban landscape, to the vast wilderness in the north. Fly high above the clouds, shrink to the size of a mouse, and be amazed by the northern lights.

The designers have interpreted the story ”The wonderful adventures of Nils”, written by the Nobel Prize award winning Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf (1858-1940). They have transformed it into a spatial and non-linear narrative that allows the visitors to participate in the story. Storytelling and a playful approach is combined with delicate graphic patterns and sculptural expressions.

ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL Stockholm is made entirely out of massive blocks of crystal clear ice, taken from the Torne River in the northernmost parts of Sweden. The ice is ”harvested” in spring, transported to Stockholm and crafted into unique interior pieces that together creates the experience that this year is called Northbound Adventure. Try one of our drinks, inspired by the provinces of Sweden, served in a stunning glass made out of pure Torne River ice.

Put on a warm sweater, your favourite beanie and get ready! It’s time to take off for a Northbound Adventure!